Redefining Our Communities

Houston in Motion is a collaboration of artists, migrant community members, social entrepreneurs, and local residents interested in rethinking “our together” and the vision of “our communities” in Houston, TX, with the aim to have branches and factions in many other countries and cities that are constantly in motion. Like the process of migration itself, our work cuts across physical and intellectual boundaries and attempts to draw insights and methods from a variety of disciplines.

We search for ways to meet basic common human needs shared by all: personal safety, financial security, and freedom of creative expression. We believe in meeting ourselves, while being with each other, to redefine our systems of support that cannot be based on geography, politics, religion, gender, or racial boundaries. Those most basic needs for security and freedom are only met through the relationships we form and the value stored within them.

Our aim is that Houston in Motion will serve as an interdisciplinary clearing house for information, instruction, and art regarding migration-related experiences in Houston.

As the number of displaced refugees in the world reaches 65 million, it is the time to rethink the way in which we resettle some of the most vulnerable populations. We are interested in constructing a laboratory of change led by artists, activists, visionaries, families, and local communities interested in building connections with new and less- recent migrants.

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